Street food. Better with Pepsi.

Everyone has a favourite local street food dish that you’re loyal to and very proud of. You’re always recommending and sharing your opinion to your loved ones, wanting them to have the same amazing food experience as you.

We created Pepsi’s first ever street food fizz-off across regions, rallying foodies and discovering the best dish together. Collaborating with local boyband Proxie, the debate kicked off in Thailand, which garnered over millions of engagements and impressions on social media. Everyone was down to find the best street food in the country.

We released a 60s film of food, fizz and funky tunes before finding out which dish pairs best with Pepsi, and further amplified with social content to keep the hype going.

That wasn’t the end. We kept the excitement going and started another round of street food debate in the Philippines together with actress/singer Belle Mariano and Youtuber Mimiyuuuh.

Similarly, we released a film and amplified with social content as we discovered the best street food dish in the Philippines that pairs best with Pepsi.

To promote our favourite street food vendors in an epic way, we turned the freestyle cheer from the 60s film into a social trend. Belle and Mimiyuuuh released an audio on social to get KOLs and fans to join them. The cheer shouted out their favourite foods and the vendors they are proud of.

The brand’s first social-at-the-centre campaign for APAC became the best performing one with 532% engagements across channels.

Client: Pepsi
Agency: VaynerMedia APAC

Creative Director: Krystle Morais
Art: Gab Bernal, Siokkan Chow

Copy: Ana Larae, Emillio Rodrigues

Film Director: May Apizara