Press Play on Summer

Pepsi pushes you to live out the fizziest summer moments you have been dreaming of.

When you Press Play with Pepsi, you’re hyped to try all the things you’ve been wanting to do this summer. More unexpected adventures, heart-racing moments and outdoor fun. Through fresh consumption moments, we’ll demonstrate how Pepsi makes this summer the best one yet.

We created a regional 360° campaign and toolkit showing no matter where you are, or what you’re doing, our Press Play button is there to create the summer every Gen Zer has been waiting for.

To amplify the campaign, we created social content and assets that appeared on various platforms and channels regionally.

Client: Pepsi
Agency: VaynerMedia APAC

Creative Director: Krystle Morais
Art: Siokkan Chow, Nicole Goh, Izzy Tan

Copy: Emillio Rodrigues, Ana Larae

Film Director: Tul Nutdanai